Hello MLC Instructor Team,


I have some sad news. Long time Mt. Hood Meadows instructor Jim Rogowski passed away on July 15.


Jim was an instructor at Mt. Hood Meadows since 2010 as well as teaching skiing at Alpine Meadows, CA. He was a PSIA Alpine Level I certified instructor and could be found chasing powder around the US and South America, including a trip (or two) to Portillo. Despite being a “part timer” he had 63 days on his pass this season, which is an indication of his true passion for skiing and Mt. Hood. His passion for skiing, was only slightly more than his passion for teaching others, as he taught 60 hours of lessons this season from December 21 through April 9. He will be missed by many friends, instructors and students.


Please see the note from Cascade Ski Club below, that was sent to their members, where Jim was an active member as well.



Hi All –


It is with great sadness to Cascade Ski Club that Jim Rogowski passed away Wednesday, July 15, 2021 from esophageal cancer.  Jim will always be remembered fondly by all for his devotion to the lodge and its upkeep. A man of many talents and trades – he worked extensively and tirelessly to maintain and improve the Lodge. Many stories will be told for generations to come about his projects. 


It has been an honor and a pleasure to know and work alongside Jim. He was well known within the ski community at Mt. Hood Meadows and around Governement Camp. Jim was an accomplished instructor who was active in PSIA and enjoyed sharing his knowledge with many members, friends, and foes. He traveled far and wide, always looking for opportunities to contribute to the ski comuunity and to support his many friends and colleagues.


Jim will greatly be missed by all of us at the Lodge as well as the Lodge itself will miss his fine tuning. We will be planning a celebration of life at a later date – early April of 2022 at the Lodge. Jim maintained his sense of humor throughout his brief illness and was spirited to the very end – leaving us with an abundance of advise and lists of chores to do. Yes Jim – we will keep the windows clean!


Bunk M7 will be perminately designated at the “Jim Rogowski Bunk” and a plaque will be placed in memory of Jim.  


Cheers to the great Rogowski!


Jackie and the CSC Board of Directors

From Cascade Ski Club


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