Alpine Level 2 Exam Prep

Find Level 2 Alpine Clinics

Level 2 Exam Timeline

  • Review Level 2 Standards

  • Practice Skiing/Teaching Tasks
    (Regularly- everyday if you can)

  • Attend Movement Analysis Clinics
    (All season, as much as you can)

  • Attend Level 2 Prep Clinics
    (All season, as much as you can)

  • Write out Teaching Progressions
    (Start practicing in clinics!)

  • Attend a Mock Exam
    (Preferably before you signup)

  • Get Signed Off By Trainers

  • Pass Written Exam
    (30 Days Prior)

  • Register for Exam: Skiing Module
    (2 Weeks Prior)

  • Register for Exam: Teaching Module
    (2 Weeks Prior)

  • Go Pass Your Exam!

Complete Your Level 2 Checklist

Access the Meadows Alpine Instructor Folder

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