As an instructor who just completed the On-snow Training Course you had a chance to do some lesson observations during the training. The next steps below are the details aboutTeam Teaching.

Team Teaching – 1 Adult Lesson & 1 Children’s Lessons

Adult Team Teach Lesson: You will team teach 1 adult first time lesson with an experienced instructor coming along to “team teach” with you to help as needed. The experienced instructor is there to help and support you during the lesson, as well as being a confidence builder for you. Please check in with the Adult Daily Lesson Supervisor at 8:45am at the Adult Lesson Meeting Area outside the Sahale Lodge to get your name on a list for Team Teaching that day. The lessons start at 9:30am.

Children’s Team Teach Lessons:  You’ll do one lesson as the lead instructor, each with an experienced instructor. Please come to the Children’s Daily Lesson Meeting area outside the Sahale Lodge at 8:45am for the morning meeting and to let the supervisor know you would like to complete a Team Teach lesson. They will attempt to pair you up with an experienced instructor for each of these Team Teach Lessons. The lessons start forming at 9am and start at 9:30am.

Team teaching lessons are dependent on business levels – weekends and holidays are usually better than mid-week days to complete the your all your Team Teaching lessons.

Team Teach Helper Option – Adults and Kids Lessons:  If you feel you are not quite ready to be the lead on your Team Teach lesson, that’s OK. You can be a “helper” instructor. We want you to feel confident you can do the job, so if you are at all hesitant, be a “helper” first, then do a Team Teach where you are in charge. Helpers are paid their “non-teaching” wage, and helper lessons do not count towards your 2 Team Teaching lesson requirements.


Team Teaching Lesson Summary – Complete the Form

After the end of your team teaching (or helper)  lessons be sure to complete n Team Teaching Summary Form. This is a reflection on what you learned which helps anchor this knowledge and is a record of you completing this step. Be sure to complete your payroll for your team teaching or helper lessons.

Once you complete both your team teaching lessons you’ll be able to start teaching lessons on your own!


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