What is Team Teaching?

Team Teaching is a great way to get real world experience in a lesson as a new instructor with the assistance and guidance of an experienced instructor by your side.

In your New Hire Training, your trainers try to give you the perfect First Time Experience with ideal situations and logical next-steps, but how often is the world so cut and dry?? 
New Instructors, this is your opportunity to test the (white frozen) waters with your newfound skills. Find a hiccup in your progression or don’t know what to do in a particular situation? Ask your teammate for guidance and/or feedback. Ideally, this is when your students are practicing something and you can talk on the side, or maybe as you’re going up the carpet. 
Teammates (experienced instructors) should only be in assistance mode unless something becomes dangerous or unprofessional, which you’re all pros, so that would never happen!

The Team Teaching Format

Team Teaching – 2 Types

Adult Team Teach Lesson:

  • Check in with the Adult Daily Lesson Supervisor – usually Elliott Miller
  • Meeting time is 8:45am at the Adult Lesson Meeting Area outside the Sahale Lodge
  • Get your name on the Team Teaching list for that day – First come, first serve
  • Adult lessons start at 9:30am

Children’s Team Teach Lessons:

  • Check in with the Children’s Daily Lesson Supervisor – Nolan Miler or Jesse Eaton
  • Meeting time is 8:45am area outside the southside of the Sahale Lodge
  • Get your name on the Team Teaching list for that day – it is first come, first serve
  • Children’s lessons start forming at 9am & begin at 9:30am

Once you complete both your team teaching lessons, you’ll be able to lead lessons on your own!

Complete Team Teach Forms

Lesson Summary – Complete A Form For Each Lesson

After the end of your Team Teach (or Reverse – see below) you need to complete a Team Teach Summary Form. This is a reflection of your training and will help anchor your knowledge and new skills. It is also record of your completion of this step.

What To Expect

  • Team Teaches are dependent on business levels AND availability of experienced instructors
  • Weekends and holidays are usually better than midweek days
  • You could knock out all your Team Teaches in 1 day and work a solo lesson the next shift
  • Use your FTEG cheat sheet while in lessons, but use sparingly and discretely
  • Weird stuff happens. That’s okay! Shrug it off and learn from all things, good and bad
  • Expect (and ask for!) feedback from your teammate so that you can improve your skills
  • Dayforce: When leading a lesson, use “Alpine/Snowboard Instructor” – this is your teaching wage

Reverse Team Teach Option

Adults and Kids Lessons Options:

If you don’t feel quite ready to be the lead on your Team Teach lesson, that’s okay! We want you to feel confident and prepared in your job. If you are at all hesitant, ask to do a reverse Team Teach first as a “helper”, then do a Team Teach as described above.
Helpers should use “Non-Teach Instructor in Dayforce, and Reverse Team Teach lessons do not count towards your Team Teaching lesson requirements in which you lead the lesson.

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