We are so fortunate to have a management and leadership team that is committed to your success as an instructor. With the growth of the school and the demand for well qualified instructors we have expanded our training programs. We have budgeted 6 hours of paid on-snow training for all staff.

Paid trainings are meant to help you become a better skier, rider and instructor. These are not meant to be completed “because I have to” but because there is a clinic topic or training session that sounds interesting or something you’d like to learn – and we’d like to pay you for your time. This means attending the same paid clinic topic 3 times does not count – diversify!

Branch out, look at the clinic calendar and attend a Paid Training that can enhance your life as an instructor. See this link for upcoming paid training. And yes, you may attend as many voluntary clinics as you wish. And you may attend any paid training as an unpaid participant if you’ve already completed your “required” 6 hours of training.

Attendance credit for those who attend PSIA-NW Events

PSIA-AASI Members who are attending a PSIA-NW Event, Exam or Accreditation this season may count this participation as 4 of the 6 mandatory training hours. These hours are not paid, but they do count toward your 6 hours of mandatory training for the season. Complete a Clinic Evaluation Form here: https://mhm.snowproportal.com/training/clinic-evaluation-form for this PSIA-NW clinic to count towards 4 of your 6 hours of mandatory training.

Questions and Answers

Q: When do I have to complete my required clinic hours?
A: Ideally before your last scheduled day. The intent is for you to take clinics “in season” that will be helpful and relevant to your lessons. Taking all your clinic hours at the end of the season defeats the purpose of the paid training.

Q: Can I take a clinic on a scheduled day of work?
A: You may attend a paid clinic after your shift on a scheduled day. In rare cases, it may be possible, if you are not assigned any lessons, to be able to signup to attend a paid clinic on a space available basis. However, you may not signup in advance for a paid clinic that occurs at the same time as a scheduled shift. This will be monitored.

Q: Am I required to take a mandatory clinic before my first lesson this season?
A: No. But you are required to attend the “Required 2-hour Returning Instructor” clinic which will be primarily offered in December and some in January. That clinic is denoted in the title with, “(Required)”.

Voluntary Clinic Attendance

Any Ski & Ride School staff member  may attend any of our paid or voluntary clinics to improve their skiing, riding or teaching. As stated above, you may use your voluntary clinic hours to meet your mandatory 6 hours of on-going training for the season. Note: if you are not being paid, you may not wear your uniform.


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