Alpine Level 3 Exam Prep

Level 3 Exam Prep

  • Current PSIA/AASI Member

  • Hold current Level 2 Alpine Certification

  • Review Level 3 Standards

  • Review Skiing/Teaching Tasks

  • Attend Movement Analysis Online Clinics

  • Attend Level 3 Prep Clinics

  • Write out Teaching Progressions

  • Register for Exam: Riding Module – $180

  • Register for Exam: Teaching Module – $180

  • Pass Written Exam 30 Days Ahead- $20

  • Attend a Mock Exam

  • Get Signed Off By Trainers

  • Go Pass Your Exam!

Access the Meadows Alpine Instructor Folder

Find all your Level 3 resources here

Get Your Clinics & Tasks Signed Off By Trainers

Set up your own folder with your tasklist that trainers can access to sign off on today!


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