Adaptive Certifications

Below are two guides from PSIA-AASI NW which outline the Alpine Adaptive exam process:

Adaptive Certification Guide Final 2018

Adaptive Exam Process

Adaptive Level I Exam Process

  1. Email the Adaptive Supervisor with your interest in taking an adaptive exam
  2. Review the Cog/VI exam information
  3. Pay for ($10) and take the Adaptive Level I Written Exam
  4. Register for the exam on the PSIA-NW website
  5. Register for the exam on the Snow Pro Portal
  6. Sign up for adaptive clinics at Mt. Hood Meadows!!!
  7. Complete the Cog/VI Development Log
  8. Email your development log to the Adaptive Supervisor at least one week prior to the exam
  9. Study study study! Review the Alpine Adaptive Manual and other resources on the PSIA-NW/Adaptive training page of the instructor portal.
  10. Go pass your exam!!

More information about the PSIA-AASI NW Adaptive certification process can be found by clicking below!


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