This the Training Team section of the instructor portal, use this page to explore resources, communicate availability, and share information.

Training Availability

Fill out your discipline calendar by December 1st your season availability and Nov 1st for early season training assignments.

Two ways to check your clinic assignments:

1. Coordinators will highlight chosen availabilities green and fill with the name of clinic in the place.

2. Coordinators will schedule you as a “Clinic Leader” into Dayforce.

View the Portal Training Calendar

Trainer Google Drive

You may notice some content missing from past seasons.  We are currently working to organize and make those relevant documents accessible to you in the coming weeks.

Please feel free to add content that is relevant to the training team.

21-22 Training Videos

New 22-23 training agendas coming soon…..

Exam Training Materials

Candidate folders are in lieu of the binders this year. Each candidate should have their own folder. Within each folder are the tasklists they need to have signed off before signing up for exams.

"Find Your Trainer" Info

Info seen by instructors on the Portal. It’s also a good place to find emails to contact other trainers if you need to cover shift.

NW Trainer Program

Half the fun of being a trainer is being part of the training community. Meadows also wants to support you through continuing education.

Friday Night Lights 19/20 Season

Trainer & Instructor Mentorship & Ride-Alongs

Our goal is to offer resources to our trainers and instructors throughout the season that provides guidance about the quality of instruction they give to their guests.
For the 2021-22 season, we will be doing a trial run of the Ride-Along to begin giving feedback to our instructors and trainers.

Policies and Handbooks

Many of these documents are still being developed. Check back for more details about these items in 2021.

Trainer E-Learning

Trainer Commitment Level

Training Handbook (Still in Development)

Training Feedback

Training Surveys

Pre-Season Trainer Survey

New Hire Clinic Survey

Rehire Clinic Survey

New Hire Reboot Clinic Survey

Year-End Trainer Survey


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