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Meadows Level 3 Exam Preparation

In this new “Covid-Era” of training, Meadows is shifting exam preparation to an entirely digital platform. We are currently working on bringing all the resources to one place for you at Meadows.
As always, feedback is useful, encouraged, and accepted. If you’re struggling with the digital platform or just overwhelmed with where to start, come talk to your training staff and we’ll do our best to organize better or find a different way.
Just like your lessons, your training is student-centered, and this process is all about YOU.

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Snowboard Level 3 Info

Level 3 Exams are also two days long and have much more stringent teaching and riding skill requirements than the Level 2.

Day 1 is riding any all terrain and Day 2 allows for 2 teaching segments to improve the group. Assessment of Movement Analysis and People Skills are built into both days, but at this point, MA is now moving into the prescription phase rather than focusing on observation and evaluation.

We highly recommend training in Level 3 specific clinics and having the tasks signed off by your trainers to adequately prepare you for the structure of higher level exams. Scholarship funding will also hinge on this participation and approval by trainers.

SB Level 3 Exam Requirements

SB Level 3 Exam Requirements

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Level 3 Workbooks and Checklists

Get to know this section well. This is where you will find Meadows’ handcrafted training materials designed to get you through exam day and out the other side with a well-deserved pin in hand.

Level 3 Skills Worksheet

Level 3 Teaching Worksheet

Get Signed Off By Trainers

Other Level 3 Resources

Movement Analysis

Level 3 Riding Tasks

  • Dynamic carved turns, forward and switch – blue & black terrain
  • Bumps – any & all terrain
  • 180 air w/grab or 360 air – small to medium feature
  • Linked toeside & heelside 180s
  • Transitional freestyle – air at or above lip
  • 50/50 on rail with gap entry
  • Boardslide on a box




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