Freestyle Training

Freestyle is fun whether you’re training for your FS3 or just getting started. The blue-colored flat box, rainbow box and up/down box at the top of Ballroom Carpet are for instructors to use to help introduce skills before entering the parks. Please use them first before going to The Zoo.

In-House Freestyle Accreditation

When taking students to the Zoo, make sure they’re ready for these features. As an instructor, it is your responsibility to sign up and take the required Freestyle Accreditation clinic before taking classes into the park.

This paid 1-1.5 hour clinic is REQUIRED each season for anyone wanting to access the Zoo. Plan to attend in uniform.

Freestyle Specialists are exempt. For more info on the FS1 or 2, keep scrolling…

Participation and a passing quiz score is required to be accredited for taking students into The Zoo. Trainers and supervisors have a working roster of those who are allowed in the park.

FS Accred stickers are available for those who pass. See Ryan Colesar in the Sup Bowl.

A Level 1 in your discipline and a FS2 is REQUIRED to bring your students into ANY park more difficult than The Zoo. Do not use Fireweed or Forest Park for groomers.

Finished your on-snow Freestyle Accreditation?

Do the Freestyle Accred Quiz!

Freestyle Specialist Training

Freestyle Specialist 1 (FS 1) Clinic Series:

Freestyle Specialist 1 Training begins with this series and will need to be signed off by trainers.

Clinic 1 – Flat-Ground Day – Intro to Flat-Ground & Switch Skiing/Riding
Clinic 2/3 – Jump Day – Intro to Jumps
Clinic 2/3 – Box Day – Intro to Boxes
Clinic 4 – Teaching/Coaching Day

Clinics should be done in this order.

Flat-Ground Day must be completed first.
Jump Day/Box day are interchangeable.

Teaching/Coaching day must be completed last to solidify all of the work done in the previous 3 clinics.

Clinic attendees will learn how to build progressions and teach to each other along with improving their own freestyle skills.

Check your FS Training status

FS1 & FS2 Training Status

Freestyle Specialist 2 (FS 2) Training:

FS 2 clinics will go out based on interest of instructors looking to continue their Freestyle education. The FS 2 is a significant step up from the FS 1 in terms of more advanced skills that must be shown at an elementary stage of movement and coordination. Complete the certification interest form found here.

Ready To Get Your FS 1 or FS 2?

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