SNOWPRO PORTAL™ creator Tyler Barnes and Mt. Hood Meadows have teamed up to provide instructors publicly searchable profiles on the website. Now more than ever, sophisticated consumers want choices and to be informed about what to expect. With searchable public profiles consumers can find an instructor to meet their needs and inquire as to whether that person is available for a lesson. Think about a family looking for an instructor who’s good with kids for their 4 year-old first timer. Or a private lesson snowboard instructor for a novice lesson?

Below is a quick demo on how to setup your profile. It’s pretty easy and most will just get it, but if you have any trouble, maybe watch this quick tutorial.

Not only does this search tool provide an element of this decision making process for our guests, it also promotes our Ski & Snowboard School staff, which is the largest department at Mt. Hood Meadows. Your personalities and dedication to teaching snowsports are what make our school great!

Let’s celebrate YOU with your public profile!

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