Every day your fellow Mt. Hood Meadows team members are hard at work getting the area ready for our guests. Prior to 9:00am the area is not ready for public. Many hazards exist including but not limited to: Avalanche hazard reduction operations, slope grooming, winch grooming, park grooming, park set up, hill set up and hazard marking, snow machine traffic etc. As a participant in a Meadows Learning Center Early Load Clinic you agree to the following:

On-hill Clinic Conduct

  • Follow any instructions from lift and/or mountain staff
  • Pass through RFID gates when loading chair
  • Adhere to The Responsibility Code at all times
  • Take extra caution when loading and unloading lift as operators will be focusing on setup tasks
  • No straight running except on near flat terrain
  • No horseplay
  • Clinic group must stay on designated groomed runs until mountain is open to public; clinic leader will monitor radio traffic and on-hill traffic to determine when deviation from designated runs is permitted
  • Participants must stay with the clinic group – no exceptions

Clinic Procedures

  • You must sign up prior to the day of the clinic either on the Instructor Portal or with a supervisor
  • Participants must have “early load” added to their passes for the day of the clinic at the SnoBlaster Room point of sale
  • Participants are not to be in uniform other than clinic leader unless the day’s clinic is a “Paid Training” which will be designated on the Instructor Portal as “(Paid)”
  • Voluntary, non-paid clinic participants are to be civilian clothes only; no uniform coats – no exceptions (uniform pants are allowed if you are scheduled to work that day)
  • Clinic group to meet indoors at the designated location to review protocols
  • Clinic group to load Stadium at approximately 7:55am as one group – no individual late loads will be allowed
  • From top of Stadium clinic group is to head to Shooting Star Chairlift on groomed runs only (i.e. Voyager, Discovery, Shooting Star Ridge)
  • The clinic will be conducted on groomed terrain only
  • If for any reason someone must leave the group they will be instructed as to what route must be followed back to the base area (i.e. Discovery to North Canyon to Whoopee)
  • Clinic leader to have a radio in order to communicate with Patrol (Channel 3) and Lift Operations (Channel 1) as needed
  • Clinic early load may be cancelled or delayed due to patrol, lift maintenance and lift operations opening procedures

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