There is a Reports menu item available in the DESKTOP (not App) version of Dayforce. Login on a desktop computer either at home or here at the mountain (does not work well when using the browser on your mobile phone), then open up the Reporting menu (on the left), then click on Reports. Here is the website URL:

You will need…
Company name: meadows
Your user name: first.last
Your password: (we don’t know this)

Once you are logged in, click on the upper left hamburger menu and look for the menu item below.

Once you click on “Reports” you will see some various reports that have been built for you to “preview” or “run.”

Single click to select the report (it will highlight in a blue shade) then either use the Preview (will display results on screen) or the Run button (which will generate file you can download) – both buttons  are on the top of the screen. If you have many results the “Preview” will not show you everything, so you’ll need to use “Run” to download a file.

You will need to enter your “Badge Number” and your last name in the required fields. Your “badge number” is your employee ID number which can be found in the “profile” link in the app or in the “profile and settings” link in the Desktop website.


Once you have your badge number, enter it in the field and Preview or Run the report.

If you run the report or the preview you will see a summary of your teaching hours. If you need additional help with this, please check with your tribe first, then a supervisor.



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