There are many questions about schedule commitments and goal hours, so here are some FAQ&As:

  1. If we called you off in advance of your scheduled shift then we ask that you kindly make up that scheduled shift. Just like when we postpone a program it is immediately re-scheduled for the following weekend (for example), and ideally you would be available too. If not, we will revise your schedule so you can meet your commitment.
  2. It works both ways for schedules: when you want to revise your schedule we can usually accommodate your request – I can’t think of a time when we have forced anyone to come to the mountain for work; that said when we need to revise your schedule, you should accommodate us as best you can.
  3. If you show up for a scheduled shift and you do not get any work that does count as a scheduled shift.
  4. Please keep in mind to that we do have goal hours for the season and an 18 shift instructor should strive to meet the 45 teaching hours; a 24 shift instructor should strive for the 60 hour goal for the season; this is in addition to / regardless of whether you have completed your schedule commitment or not.
  5. Choose days to schedule or reschedule yourself to achieve these teaching hour targets; this is a measure of your contribution to the team; back-lining and avoiding taking lessons does not help our team or you feel like a contributor to enriching people’s lives
  6. If you don’t want to teach lessons and be a contributing member of the team, then just buy a pass – it’s that easy.

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