Sunday - 11/21/2021
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Adult Lesson Meeting Area


Experienced Instructors but New to Meadows

Operation Green Coat

“Everybody shovels!” is our motto and it’s true. Our instructors are instrumental in helping Meadows operate efficiently, especially on busy days where it’s all hands on deck. Instructors may help with rental shop duties, point of sale, setting up and running the lift maze, roving to help lessons, and others. Operation Green Coat training will give you the skills and training necessary to help with:

  • Rental shop training on boots, check-in, etc.

  • Maze and lift operations for instructors

  • Not discipline-specific

New instructors to Meadows that have prior experience from other resorts are encouraged to attend this date to fill the second half of the day utilized for Nuts and Bolts training in the morning so make sure you signup for both.

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Confirmed Participants
  • Sonja Kolstoe
  • Caden Clark
  • Andrew Goetting
  • Nathan Gourley
  • Erik Chapman
  • Tyler Dudden
  • Alena Lewis
Pending (includes clinic leader names)
  • Kyle Martz
  • Nuith Engstrand
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