If you were not able to join us “live” for the MLC Town Hall held on October 26, 2020 you can watch a video of the meeting below. During the Zoom meeting we covered Lodge Updates, our Covid Response Operation Plans, Team member Privileges, Commitments and Orientation.

Chat transcript below (with some answers added in bold, too):

18:12:44 From oriolluissole-costa : Peter: Just for the benefit of newbies that don’t know you: the lighting where you are makes you backlit and your face is just an unrecognizable shadow 🙂
18:13:40 From oriolluissole-costa : Great!
18:13:45 From Peter Gavinski : Thanks Oriol.
18:13:55 From Peter Gavinski : I have limited lighting options
18:14:05 From oriolluissole-costa : Great now!

18:24:57 From Jim : able to free ski in uniform?
Jim – at this time, no you cannot ski or ride in your uniform, but may use the “cover up” method and take ski/ride breaks in your uniform pants during your scheduled shift.

18:25:16 From oriolluissole-costa : Josie: So a regular neck gator isn’t considered adequate protection?
Per the MHM Covid Plan, double layer masks will be required inside; they will also be required outside when 6 or more feet of social distance is not possible.

18:26:00 From Lynn Hickcox : Teaching parents how to teach their kids
* Are the parents already experienced skiers? – No, parents do not need to be experienced, they will mostly be walking around to assist their children

Longer lunch for CLC lessons * Are all lunches extended time?
Yes, the duration between start times is 90 minutes for group and program lessons

18:26:19 From Vetri Pothi : what is the lesson times?
18:26:34 From Peter Gavinski : 9:30 and 1:00

18:26:54 From Kaisea : can we eat in clc/ other rooms
Yes, however we are not providing hot lunch at this time for the lesson kids (or instructors).

18:27:49 From Vetri Pothi : night lesson at 4:30pm?
18:28:29 From Peter Gavinski : Night group lessons are still at 5:00
18:29:25 From Peter Gavinski : We are going to add a evening SnoBlaster program on Saturday evenings. That will only be a 2 hr lesson and we’ve discussed running that from 4:00-6:00.

18:31:33 From Bre Thompson : will we still be able to get letters to climbing gyms?
18:32:31 From Josey.Rice : It would depend on what partnerships HR has created this year. But all exchange letters will be through the team site

18:32:18 From Austin Smith : are the dependent passes also usable for close friends/family
18:32:58 From Josey.Rice : Austin. Dependent passes are for dependents only, but work a day vouchers are for anyone

18:33:04 From Kaisea : do voucher have to be planned in advance to use?
18:33:46 From Josey.Rice : Kaisea No. You just need to redeem them at a point of sale
18:34:28 From Peter Gavinski : Kaisea No. You just need to redeem them at a point of sale

18:35:29 From Ron Te : Will dependents pass be subject to the daily limit or quota?
18:36:33 From Josey.Rice : Ron – no limitations on dependents, so they won’t count toward limits
18:37:47 From Ron Te : Josey — thanks for the reply!

18:36:53 From Roxanne McClure : Will there be the 10 day teaching commitment available again this year?
18:37:33 From Josey.Rice : Rox – yes, for those who qualify there is a 10 day commitment.

18:36:55 From Sue O : Can you shoot us an email when schedule submission is live?
18:37:03 From Josey.Rice : Sue – yes!

18:40:27 From Lynn Hickcox : Will voucher holders (such as for race volunteers, ski patrol, etc) be potentially turned away due to lift pass cap?
18:41:50 From Josey.Rice : Lynn I am not sure, but Tyler did mention that we will fill up our parking lots before we fill up the lift cap. I can get bck to you on the answer
18:42:19 From Lynn Hickcox : Thanks. Josey

18:42:31 From marktadams : Josey was’t the minimum part-time shifts 18? Wasn’t sure about the comment about 10 days earlier.
The 10 shift commitment is for returning instructors who have 2 seasons of experience and does not qualify for a season pass. First season and second season  instructors must do 18 shifts. By your third season, you are “plug and play” so the requirement of shifts is less.
18:43:36 From Peter Gavinski : Mark that is a commitment for instructors who have taught for at least two seasons and have a Level 1
18:43:46 From marktadams : Ah thanks!

18:43:02 From aric : TYler will snoblasters classes be smaller as well?
18:43:52 From Peter Gavinski : SnoBlaster classes will be smaller, shooting for 5
18:44:21 From aric : Thanks Peter that will make our job a little easier!

18:43:05 From Jenn Lockwood : Womens & Steeps clinics this year?
Yes, clinics and camps will be happening
18:48:16 From Peter Gavinski : One clinics will be offered, but like our other lessons we’ll be eliminating and indoor portion


18:43:41 From Geoffrey GIll : any word from the powers that be regarding clinics/certs/etc this year?
18:44:25 From Peter Gavinski : PSIA NW is planning on holding events this year

18:44:34 From Peter Gavinski : You’re welcome Tom
18:44:42 From Hut : Bye and thanks team

18:44:46 From Chris Barns : How about setting up the rope tow from Sunset Parking to Vista base to reduce crowding on the busses?
18:46:06 From Kaisea : will we still be able to help in rentals and guest services?
18:46:09 From Jenn Lockwood : There is a great video on the MHM Facebook page on changes with busing
And a Blog Post here: https://www.skihood.com/en/about-us/meadows-blog/posts/2020/10/enhanced-drop-off-zone-and-relocating-rv-and-charter-bus-parking-to-address-chall

18:48:35 From Alison’s iphone : does a lesson booking/reservation come w a lift ticket or is it a separate reservation?
18:49:01 From Andrew Spaeth : Great job Tyler, Josey, and all. I’m curious about screening and contact tracing. Are we taking temps of kids or adults showing up for lessons? If one of our students or a teammate tests positive for COVID, how will meadows let us know?

18:49:04 From Peter Gavinski : Kaisea, we’re meeting with Dane on Wednesday to discuss helping with rentals. I would imagine they will need help.
18:49:34 From Alison’s iphone : thx
18:49:51 From Jordan Hines : will new instructors have any on-site work or training days in November?
18:50:57 From Jim : Last year vouchers valid this season?

18:52:13 From Stuart Funke : unsure about teaching commitment for less classes but available for more as needed? coming from a three years as returning instructor.

18:52:25 From Lynn Hickcox : Tying into a previous question about first time/novice small pod lessons, where you teach parents how to teach their children. Will that be a safety issue if parents without equipment are involved in the lesson on this hill? Since they are nto required to have experience in skiing, they may or may not have equipment? Perhaps I do not have a good idea on what is envisioned with this.

18:52:45 From Sue O : Can we check to see if we have vouchers ourselves or do we need to ask someone to check for that?

18:53:03 From Ron Te : Will we be doing station teaching?
18:53:26 From Josey.Rice : Sue – It’s in RTP, so one of the managers or supervisors can check for you
18:54:53 From Lynn Hickcox : That makes more sense now. Tyler

18:55:18 From Lynn Hickcox : Where exactly is the Fun Zone going to be this season?
18:57:44 From Lynn Hickcox : So the fun zone will be back by the ballroom carpet?
18:58:20 From Peter Gavinski : Yes the fun zone will be back by ballroom carpet

18:55:19 From Sue O : Wil we do terrain features for beginners?
18:55:54 From Richard’s iPhone : have locker and uniform pick up times been set
18:56:26 From Jenn Lockwood : Vouchers – sorry if I missed it – do they need to call and reserve or just bring voucher?
18:56:26 From Peter Gavinski : Richard, not yet
18:56:44 From Peter Gavinski : Vouchers don’t need to be reserved
18:56:46 From Josey.Rice : Richard- not yet. HR will be determining uniform protocol. Locker assignments will be emailed out

18:57:31 From Roxanne McClure : Is there a ponytail development, Tyler?\
18:57:52 From Jenn Lockwood : man bun!!!
18:58:10 From Jenn Lockwood : bring back the mullet!!!
18:58:22 From Lynn Hickcox : Does Tyler have a mullet?
18:58:36 From Lynn Hickcox : Suuuuure
18:58:48 From Jenn Lockwood : & no one to party with 🙂
18:59:18 From David Mackintosh : Tyler has a new pad!

19:00:34 From Lynn Hickcox : When is the projected opening?
19:00:44 From Peter Gavinski : Nov 27
19:00:58 From Peter Gavinski : snow dependent

19:00:50 From David Mackintosh : Great to see everyone!
19:00:53 From Richard’s iPhone : thanks all

19:01:13 From Lynn Hickcox : Thanks
19:01:14 From Jenn Lockwood : LA NINA!!!!
19:01:15 From Emily Hearle : Clinics and training are happening! Great to see everyone
19:01:27 From Lynn Hickcox : When is the first clinic?
19:02:24 From Peter Gavinski : Clinics have not been scheduled yet

19:01:30 From Jordan Hines : thanks y’all!
19:01:41 From David Miller : thanks, bye!
19:01:44 From Nicholas Pape : Thank you, guys!
19:01:48 From peter bexelius : thank you ! great sesh!
19:02:11 From Annick Chalier : Thank you!
19:02:12 From Adam Reiner : thanks!
19:02:27 From Ron Te : Thanks!
19:03:12 From aric : Great seeing everyone! Camn
19:03:27 From Marissa Ng : thank you!
19:03:37 From jillpayne : Thank you Josey, Tyler. And Peter!! Looking forward to a great season!!!
19:03:37 From Sue O : I never emptied my locker, do we just wait until later in November or December?
19:03:37 From aric : can’t wait get started teaching again!
19:03:57 From Josey.Rice : Sue 0- your stuff is still there
19:04:26 From Jenn Lockwood : Whoop whoop for Ryan Colesar and FREERIDE Head Coach!!!
19:04:40 From oriolluissole-costa to Tyler Barnes (Privately) : Still a bit ignorant about Zoom: did you see my thumbs up when you asked who’s already applied?
19:04:40 From Jenn Lockwood : hahaha – it was Bret = thumballina 🙂
19:04:47 From Lynn Hickcox : Hahaha
19:04:48 From Peter Gavinski : Sue O- and I returned your uniform for you
19:04:49 From Scott McKnight : Thanks. Hope to see you all on the slopes very soon!
19:04:51 From Josey.Rice : Haha – Brett!
19:05:17 From Roxanne McClure : Brett, jokester.
19:05:18 From Sue O : thanks
19:05:41 From Thumballina : not sure how it came up thumbalina but whatever

19:06:49 From Kaisea : will kids still be wearing vests?
19:07:17 From Josey.Rice : Kaisea – we are going to try to just figuring out disinfectant
19:12:22 From Sue O : good news for vests, it doesn’t look like formites are the way covid spreads.

19:08:14 From Jenn Lockwood : And did Rox publish her book?
19:08:57 From Roxanne McClure : Book not published. I ran out of steam. Hoping to figure out the next step!!
19:09:06 From Josey.Rice : oh good!

19:10:38 From Kevin Wonnacott : Thanks everyone!!!
19:13:46 From Jamie Finnan : Thanks y’all! stoked to work and learn alongside ya again this season. much gratitude to the leadership team 🤙🏼✌🏼
19:14:06 From Peter Gavinski : Thanks Jamie. Have a good night.
19:18:15 From David Mendies : thanks for putting this on. so good to see y’all. have a great night. stoked about this season
19:18:44 From Peter Gavinski : Thanks David


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