Welcome to the Meadows Team!

We are so stoked you have completed the on-snow training and are excited about joining our team and teaching your first lessons! This is a super fun job, and we hope this season is very memorable for you and your students!

To get you ready for your first shift, make sure you follow the next steps:


The next steps are to login to our Instructor Portal – you should have received a welcome email about your account. You will then want to complete the Nuts & Bolts E-Learning Course. Then look in the Training Calendar and sign up to attend a Nuts & Bolts In-person training.

Complete the Nuts & Bolts E-Learning Course

Nuts & Bolts – Part 2 – In-person – see Training Calendar

You’ll learn more about how to enter your hours in “timesheets” during the Nuts & Bolts – Part 2 – In person training. You can sign up for this training on the Clinic & Training Calendar.


Very soon, if not already, you should be receiving some official company onboarding as well as an email from Kelcey Hadden-Leggett, our Administrative Supervisor, with your assigned team member locker location and combination.

On your next day at the mountain during the Nuts & Bolts Part 2 – In Person Training, please bring your I-9 verification documents so that our Human Resources department can validate your work eligibility. View the link below to see what documents you should bring:

I-9-list-of-acceptable-documents (PDF)

In the Dayforce system you will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of our Team Member Handbook
  • Sign your Team Member Pass Agreement
  • Watch our Covid-19 Infection Prevention Plan Video
  • Watch our Company Orientation Video
  • Take the COVID-19 Team Member Responsibility Pledge
  • Acknowledge our Uniform Policy

In addition, we you will add key information in your personnel record emergency contact, sign up for Direct Deposit, submit your pass photo, etc.


Once you are done with your Dayforce on-boarding tasks, and come to the Nuts & Bolts – Part 2 – In Person training, you will then get to do some team teaching with an experienced instructor – maybe even on the afternoon of your Nuts & Bolts In-person Training.

When you come to the mountain next, you’ll be partnered with an experienced instructor where you get to lead a class of real students – yay! Finally! Or if you are not feeling quite ready you can be the helper in a real lesson. However, in order to teach lessons on your own you will need lead a Team Teach in both a Kids Lessons and an Adult Lesson.

For more information on Team Teaching, CLICK HERE

After completing your team teach, please complete a Team Teach Experience Summary to confirm your progress:


Submit your Teaching Day Availability Requests using this website, the MHM Portal. The Portal is also where you’ll request schedule changes or call in sick. Your work availability is when you plan to be at the mountain and ready to work. We assign your lessons based on this availability. These do NOT include your Team Teaches. Team Teaches are part of your training and are not part of your commitment.

We do NOT use the Dayforce for scheduling, so please don’t confuse that with submitting your availability on the Portal. The Part Time Teaching Availability submissions are done on the Instructor Portal, at the following pages.

Can I come ski and ride before I get my season pass?

Yes we can issue you a day pass. Please come to the MLC management offices in the basement of the South Lodge. To find us, approach the lodge staircase between the North and South Lodge, enter the South Lodge (the one on the left), go down the hall to the 4 way intersection by the Concierge Desk, then head down the ramp, past Higher Grounds and the Restrooms, to the stairs that lead downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs, take a right and head down the hall until you are at a 90 turn; the MLC offices will be on your immediate left.

All availability submissions are required by January 15. Employees without submissions by this time will have their season passes turned off and be ineligible for employment in the future.

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