I’m so stoked you have completed the training and are excited about joining our team and teaching your first lessons! This is a super fun job, and I hope this season is very memorable for you and your students!



The next steps are to login to our Instructor Portal – you should have received a welcome email about your account. You will then want to look in the Training Menu and choose “On-line Training” (or just go to the URL below) – this might look different on your phone. Here’s the link: https://mhm.snowproportal.com/courses

Then enroll yourself in both the Nuts & Bolts Training and the COVID-19 MLC Department Operations E-Learning Courses. This is paid time: Nuts & Bolts should take you 90 minutes and the COVID-19 course should take you 30 minutes. You may be active in Dayforce – which you will learn about in the Nuts & Bolts Course, and there are instructions on how to enter this time into the Dayforce app. If for some reason you don’t have a Dayforce login yet or get stuck, don’t worry. It’s more important that you complete the on-line training,; we’ll get your time entered later, but you’ll need to let us know you need help getting your time entered. Below are the courses.

The Deep Snow Safety Course is also paid time, but is NOT required at this time. You may take this course at any time between now and when you might be skiing or riding yourslf in deep snow situation, or when you plan to take a student into deep snow.



In the coming days, as we prcess your official company onboarding (for our part time instructors who have just been hired), you should be receiving an email from Kelcey Hadden-Leggett, our Administrative Supervisor, with your locker location and combination. You will also begin to see some communications from Dayforce, our time and attendance system.

On your next day at the mountain, whether it is a work day or not, please bring your I-9 documents so that our Human resources department can validate you are eligible to work in the USA. The typical items for this are either an unexpired US Passport OR an unexpired driver’s license and your original Social Security card. At this link below is the current I-9 documentation requirements PDF.

I-9-list-of-acceptable-documents (PDF)


In the Dayforce system you will be:

  • Acknowledging receipt of our Team Member Handbook
  • Signing your Team Member Pass Agreement
  • Watching (and acknowledgin you have done so) our Covid-19 Infection Prevention Plan Video
  • Watching (and acknowledgin you have done so) our Company Oreintation Video
  • Taking the COVID-19 Team Member Responsibility Pledge
  • Acknowledging our Uniform Policy
  • As well as adding/updating key information in you personal record like emergency contact, signing up for direct deposit, submitting your Pass Photo “Selfie”, etc.




Once you are done with your Dayforce On-boarding tasks, come to the mountain and check out a uniform on your first day of Team Teaching. When you come to the mountain next, you’ll be partnered up with an expereinced instructor where you get to lead a class of real students – yay! Finally! Or if you are not feeling quite ready you can be the helper in a real lesson. However, in order to teach lessons on your own you will need to complete a Team Teach (where you are the lead) in both a Kids Lessons and an Adult Lesson, you can then start teaching lessons on your own!


You will want to check in with the Adult Daily Lesson Supervisor, Claire Thomford-Garner and the Children’s Daily lesson Supervisor, Nolan Miler no later than 8:45am on the dday you would like to teach teach. Please be advised that we are trying to get our new full time instructors throughthe team team process before our part time instructors, and due to the business levels this time of year and the limited number of guests we can accommodate due to Covid-19, it might take a bit longer for you to get your team teach lessons completed. However our class sizes are smaller, so we have more classes going out, so we hope we can get you through this important step in a timely manner.


To verify you have completed the Team Teach lessons, please submit a Team Teach Experience Summary here: https://mhm.snowproportal.com/new-staff/observation-team-teach-experience-summary


This link is also found on the Instructor Portal in the New Staff Menu, then choose Team Teaching Summary Form.




Once you complete your (2) Team Teaches – again one adult and one kids – you can then submit your Teaching Day Availability Requests. This is how we know you are available to work and plan to be at the mountain so we can assign you lessons to teach. We do NOT use the Dayforce availability, so please don’t confuse tht with this. The Part Time Teaching Availability submissions are done on the Instructor Portal, and are not quite ready to be taken, so please wait for an email from us on how to this next step.

Can I come ski and ride before I get my season pass?

Yes. Please come to the MLC office area in the basement of the North Lodge – as you enter the North lodge from the parking lot, there are service entrance double door on the far right lodge as you’re looking at the the lodges from the parking lot. Enter those doors, then turn left. The first door on the left is the MLC office area. The door code is: 2145.


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