Full Time instructors who have taught for Mt. Hood Meadows for two or more seasons, and who are planning to return as a full time instructor next season, will have their PSIA-AASI member dues paid in June by Mt. Hood Meadows for the following season. To be eligible for these dues payments the returning full time instructor must have fulfilled their schedule commitment and/or have an “eligible for rehire” status with the company. You will be notified by email about this dues payment eligibility and the plan for us to renew dues on your behalf. Should you renew your dues on your own, you may request a reimbursement upon your full time return to work in the Fall.

If you are a first year Full Time instructor, please see below.

  • PSIA-AASI Membership benefit provided by Mt. Hood Meadows

    As a first year, full time instructor Mt. Hood Meadows will pay your annual PSIA-AASI Membership dues for the immediately following season should you return to Mt. Hood Meadows as a full time instructor. The payment will be in the form of a reimbursement submitted upon your return to work in the Fall.

    In order to maintain your current level of certification, you must also maintain your annual membership. You will be responsible for paying your own membership dues which are due June 30 of this year. If you choose to not pay your dues on time a late fee will be applied to your dues renewal by PSIA-AASI. Mt. Hood Meadows will reimburse you the National and PSIA-NW Division membership dues at the regular rate, however will not reimburse any late fees. By completing this form you and Mt. Hood Meadows agree to these terms.
  • I agree to provide an invoice via email or paper for my dues payment in order to be reimbursed when I return to work as a full time instructor.

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